Barbara Olfers was born on 8/14/1994 in The Hague (The Netherlands).
She first moved to Gijón (Asturias, Spain), when she was 10 years old (2005). And in August 2005, she moved to Valladolid. She was always dancing with songs from The Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Aaliyah, TLC, LeAnn Rimes... etc. 

Her mother once made an account on a popular website to upload your own videos called YouTube, and she uploaded a video of her daughter Barbara, dancing to Alizee's popular song called "Moi Lolita". That video had more than 3,000 views in 5 days! And people were asking for that little girls name. Her mother has been saying it was her daughter called Barbara Olfers. After that, many people were searching for more information about Barbara. And finally Barbara made her own official account on YouTube and MySpace.

Barbara didn't only dance, but she started singing too! She started a group called "BS" with her best friend Sara in November 2005. They were writing songs together with Mike Oldfield's instrumental songs on his CD called "4 Moons". They've made official account on YouTube and MySpace too. Their 3th "BS" anniversary got celebrated in November 2008.